SMS Alert Gateway

SMART SMS ALERT SYSTEM supports 4G networks

The current trend is Alarm Notification message is sent via Standalone SMS Alert Gateway.

The Alarm Notification system is moving toward incorporating the use of wireless 4G network.

This solution allows the engineers to be more mobile at work and well keep inform of the fault Alarms. The set-up is simple and cost effective. When Alarm is detected, it activates the digital/analogue input of the remote SMS Alert Gateway. The microcontroller in the Gateway will then send the Pre-defined SMS Alert message to notify the persons/engineers in-charge 24/7, anywhere. Interestingly the new model comes with 3~4 hours built-in backup battery to keep the Gateway running when there is AC source power failure.

ALLEGRO ELECTRONICS supply 2 models of SMS Alert Gateways, the S410 and S412. Both models support 3G and 4G networks, compact design in IP20 small enclosure, easy to use and install, with built-in backup battery. Standalone working device that eliminated the cybersecurity concerns that hackers intrude into your organisation network.

Model S410 SMS Alert Gateway with 4 DI (Digital Inputs), 4 DO (Digital Outputs), built-in 3 hrs backup battery.

Model S412 SMS Alert Gateway with 12 DI (Digital Inputs), 4 DO (Digital Outputs), 4 AI (Analog Inputs), built-in 3 hrs backup battery.



  • Compact. Easy to install and maintenance
  • Simple to use and minimum administrative effort
  • Can be deployed world-wide under GSM/3G/4G coverage
  • Standalone with 3 hours internal backup battery
  • 24 x 7 in operation
  • No need any external application software

# Approved by IMDA for use in Singapore. DA107276

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