S412 SMS Alert Gateway


S412 SMS Alert Gateway wireless communications solution for monitoring and control the remote equipment from anywhere, anytime when fault and alarm is activated. Once a fault is detected, a predefined SMS message will be send to the respective engineer or in-charge. It is user friendly and do not need external application software.
This standalone device is housed in small robust enclosure with built-in internal 3hours backup battery to keep it running when AC source fails.

ALLEGRO ELECTRONICS model S412 SMS Alert Gateway supports 3G/4G mobile networks.

      SMS Alert System Drawing      SMS Alert System

 Easy to install and maintenance
 Simple to use and minimum administrative effort
 Can be deployed world-wide under GSM coverage
 Standalone with 3hours internal backup battery
 24 x 7 in operation
 No need any external application software

 12 protected universal digital inputs, dry contact
 4 relay drivable outputs (12V-24V)
 4 Analog Inputs (4~20mA,0~5V)
 Built-in internal 3 hours backup battery
 Time/Date stamping on all alarms
 Remote setting of phone numbers
 Remote query of phone group, input & output status
 Remote add/edit/delete phone group
 Configurable for all input and output messages

# Approved by IMDA for use in Singapore. DA 107276

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