Profibus FO Coupler

Profibus Fiber Optic Coupler


Procentec Profibus Fiber Optic Coupler is an economic solution to convert PROFIBUS
fiber optic to RS 485 copper segments and vice versa. It enables reliable applications
where long cable distances and isolation between devices and segments are required.

The Profibus FO Coupler supports multiple fiber optic topologies; point-to-point, bus and star.The protocol transparency without configuration allows direct integration in existing PROFIBUS networks to benefit from the advantages optical data infrastructures offer.

There are 2 models available to meet customer’s needs.








ProfiHub B2FO2+ (2 galvanic isolated RS 485 ch, 2 ST/BFOC fiber optic)










ProfiHub B4FO2+ (4 galvanic isolated RS 485, 2 ST/BFOC fiber optic)

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