ProfiTrace 2 – PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance Tool

ProfiTrace2ProfiTrace 2 is the most powerful mobile analyzer for PROFIBUS networks. It’s an essential tool for commissioning, documentation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Thousands of users benefit daily from this great tool because it is easy to use and combines all required elements in one to detect most PROFIBUS faults;



  -Bar graph

  -Topology scan


  -DP master

This outstanding tool that fits in your pocket, boosts the capabilities of service, maintenance and engineering technicians. They can check and troubleshoot the complete PROFIBUS network with 1 software package and 1 piece of hardware (ProfiCore™ Ultra). This is an enormous reduction in equipment, weight, costs and required knowledge.

Typical failures such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration faults are easily identified.

The results can be exported to detailed reports. Predictive maintenance and asset management are really possible with ProfiTrace !

Product Features

  • Busmonitor for DP and PA with powerful statistics
    Repeats, corrupted messages, diagnostics, cycle time…..
  • Oscilloscope – ScopeWare
    Differential voltage, A-line, B-line, noise, overshoots, reflections and triggers.
  • Bar graph
    Average value of the bus signals per device.
  • Topology scan
    Automatic generation of the segment topology.
  • Reporting
    Automatic generation of detailed reports that are accepted by the industry.
  • 3-Color network condition indicator
    Simple overview about the condition of the network.
  • DP master – ProfiCaptain
    A complete DP master has been integrated (V0 and V1).
  • ProfiCore Ultra USB interface
    Useable on all PC platforms and no power supply required
  • OPC server and CommDTM
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 platforms
  • Multi language user interface

Application Areas

  • Troubleshooting & maintenance of PROFIBUS networks
    (ProfiTrace, ScopeWare, Topology scan and ProfiCaptain)
  • Commissioning of PROFIBUS networks
    (ProfiTrace, ScopeWare, Topology scan and ProfiCaptain)
  • PROFIBUS product testing and verification
    (ProfiTrace, ScopeWare, ProfiCaptain and CommDTM)
  • Passive cable testing
    (ScopeWare and ProfiCaptain)
  • I/O testing of PROFIBUS devices
  • Setting up and diagnose PROFIBUS devices
  • Address setting of PROFIBUS devices
  • Interface for bus statistics and device I/O to external apps
    (OPC server)
  • Education

 Live List ” colours make it easy….. “profitrace2-livelist-180

Green: Device is in Data Exchange
Yellow: Device is lost
Red: Parameter fault
Purple: Configuration fault
– No colour: Not in Data Exchange
 Statistics matrix and network condition indicator  “Click and go…..”profitrace-condition-180

Retry messages.
Bus cycle time.
Diagnostic messages…..



  Bar Graphprofitrace2-bargraph1-180

Selectable types and modes.
Signal quality in color.
Sorted on address or Voltage.
Continuously updated.


   Topology scanProfiTrace2-topology-180

Automatic generation of the network topology.
No shutdown required!
No disturbance in the cycle time!
Works on 500 kbps and 1.5 Mbps.
On passive and active networks.

ProfiCaptain – DP Masterprofitrace2-proficaptain-180

Complete integration of ProfiCaptain.
Putting slaves in Data Exchange.
I/O control with automatic patterns.
Automatic detection of busparameters.
Brand new concept of ‘stealing’ slaves.
Class 2 functions in a Class 1 framework.
No shutdowns when updating the configuration.
Deactivating slaves in the configuration.

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