ProfiHub C5

ProfiHub C5 – 5 Channel DP Spur Repeater (IP 65)

ProfiHob C5 0215The ProfiHub C5 enables wide-ranging RS 485 star/tree segments and long spur lines for PROFIBUS DP installations in rough and demanding IP 65 environments. It’s a robust network component to design reliable, flexible and object oriented networks.

PROFIBUS DP is a high-speed industrial bus that has to comply with strict rules concerning spur lines. The ProfiHub C5 is a perfect solution to bridge user’s requirements and create reliable star networks. It’s an essential component to obtain better control during maintenance and upgrading of the demanding network.

The ProfiHub C5 is equipped with 5 galvanic isolated transparent repeaters (offering 6 segments). Each segment can handle 31 devices and a cable length equal to the main bus. Termination for each segment is on-board and switchable.

Application areas

– Dynamic spur lines to actuators, flow meters and pH analyzers
– Roof mounted devices in tank farms
– Star, tree and bus structured networks
– Removable drives and motors
– EMC sensitive applications
– Barrier for non galvanic isolated equipment

Product features

• Based on the ProfiHub B5 (17010)
• Hybrid PROFIBUS + power connectors
• 5 Isolated repeater channels (6 segments)
• Transparent for all PROFIBUS DP protocols
• Suitable for PROFIsafe and MPI networks
• 31 devices per channel
• 9.6 Kbps – 12 Mbps
• 1200 m segment length (depends on baudrate)
• Integrated termination facilities
• IP 65 classification (according to DIN 40 050)

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