A perfect tool for Easy Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Monitoring 

The PROCENTEC Mercury is a robust tablet with built-in new cross platform software package. This device is perfect for troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS networks, through in-the-field-use of our software. The PROCENTEC Mercury enables you to gain insight into the health and possible faults in your industrial network. While developing this innovative product, the user was, and remains, the main focus. This means the PROCENTEC Mercury offers an easy to use interface, remote and wireless connection, and mobility anywhere and anyplace.

Industrial Ethernet features

  • Topology: galaxy, tree or customized view
  • Dynamic interactions for complete overview
  • Device connections, with NAMUR status
  • Device information
  • Network scoring mechanism
  • Traffic light feature
  • Customizable dashboard

PROFIBUS features

  • Busmonitor for DP and PA with powerful statistics
  • Oscilloscope
  • Topology scan
  • Bar graph
  • Reporting
  • Traffic light feature

Your benefits

  • Portable device, multiple connection methods.
  • User friendly
  • Pre-installed software
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Can be connected remotely
  • Mobility
  • Diagnostics for all your Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS networks in your facility

Downloads: PROCENTEC-Mercury brochure

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